Nov 13 2011

WAS DB updated with Set VI (Surface Action)

Took a bit longer than it should have to update with the latest set, due to my home system dying. But things are up and operational now, and the DB is now up-to-date, with some images provided from the ForuMinis forums.

I’ve also added a new link to the links menu, to Rose City Miniatures. A friend from my FLGS who does paint jobs for people, and creates tutorials regularly and who’s very helpful with tips. Check him out at .

Sep 18 2009

Randomish idea

Stumbled on, but it looks dormant…Thinking about creating yet-another-gaming-community-site to try to coagulate gamers and connect people. There are some out there, but a lack of UI unfortunately, and not really pushed out. I’m wanting something that includes FLGS, help people find people more actively, etc.