Aug 30 2009

Done with WAS DB updates

Everything’s been confirmed, made some adjustments…I’m expecting some erratas though.

Will update with images, if Wizards/Avalon Hill puts up a gallery.

Also, broke 10,000 visits this month, yay!=) Most popular unit, the new Nagato.

Aug 27 2009

Another update

The WAS DB now searches the Name, Notes, and Abilities for keywords and returns those. Had to relearn SQL joins a bit, but wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. Altered the Advance search to do the same as well.

Only ship missing now is the Aquila. If anyone has the ship/card, please contact me.

Aug 12 2009

Updated the War At Sea DB

Updated the WAS DB with Flank Speed, thanks to the spoilers. Still missing the final 6, but will update as I get info on them.