Jul 12 2009

Feature Creep

Going over ideas in my mind for the AAWAS fleet builder/inventory/trader thing…noticing I’m getting feature creep in my mind already, so I’m just going to start working on it. I need to clean up some coding in the DB as well.

Jul 9 2009

RPG Game Find

Just came across this link:

Good for looking for game groups in your area. Only been active for a couple of months and seems to be doing pretty well.

Jun 26 2009

Project ideas…

A couple of ideas:
1) AA:WAS fleet builder and inventory tracker/trader…to allow people to build and keep fleets
2) Character Sheet – Generic character sheet for RPGs, so people can have their chars online/accessible…

Both will need me to figure out/design something to track users though…

Jun 26 2009

Random thoughts

This would likely end up being a repository of random thoughts for me…Anything more elaborate than 140 characters. Twitter: http://twitter.com/tamgc

Jun 25 2009

First post…

Decided to just use Word Press as the basis for my site for the time being. Just so something is up.

The War At Sea Database link can be found under “Projects”. ( http://was.tamgc.net )