Nov 13 2011

WAS DB updated with Set VI (Surface Action)

Took a bit longer than it should have to update with the latest set, due to my home system dying. But things are up and operational now, and the DB is now up-to-date, with some images provided from the ForuMinis forums.

I’ve also added a new link to the links menu, to Rose City Miniatures. A friend from my FLGS who does paint jobs for people, and creates tutorials regularly and who’s very helpful with tips. Check him out at .

May 31 2011

Long time no post…

Still alive and kicking. Traffic’s a lot crazier these days with the WAS card scans hosted now (since the original ones had been removed from Photobucket). It also means my net stats aren’t reliable indicators of information. But I’ve noticed a couple of new site referals, so the database use has been spreading. =)

Found a Meetup page for “Portland Gamers”, mostly RPG based, but could be for anything, link added to the right side bar…which funnily enough there was page that was dormant that I found a while back, in another posting…

Anyways, all is good, some errors have been fixed on the site, after being pointed out by users, ideas of redesign bouncing around in my head but probably won’t happen any time soon.

Dec 25 2010

WAS DB Updated with Set V

The database has been updated with the Set V units.

A couple of more months and it’ll be 2 years since the DB’s been started (Feb 2009). Kind of nice to know the original design still holds out well.

So far the usage has grown 67% since last year, which is pretty awesome. And even gotten a mention in a random forum post in which is kind of cool.

Did a few minor adjustments to the home page of it, so that things fit a bit nicer, but come the next set, I’d probably need to do an overhaul of the page.

Jun 20 2010

WAS DB Updated w/ Condition Zebra

There has been some additional minor changes:
– The UnitID’s have changed, so old links may be pointing to wrong ships now.

It’s been changed to {Set Number}{Ship Number}, so first ship of set 4 is 401, second is 402, etc.

– Updated the “Lay Smoke Screen” wording to its latest iteration, says “A sector containing a smoke screen blocks line of sight through its sector.” instead of the original, “A sector containing a smoke screen blocks line of sight.”

– Updated official erratas, and pre-errata’d TBF-1 Avenger’s “Rugged” ability.

Also updated with the Starter Set ones for a while, just didn’t post about it…

Random Fact: There are 163 different Special Abilities now (this includes variants but not errata’s)

Sep 18 2009

Randomish idea

Stumbled on, but it looks dormant…Thinking about creating yet-another-gaming-community-site to try to coagulate gamers and connect people. There are some out there, but a lack of UI unfortunately, and not really pushed out. I’m wanting something that includes FLGS, help people find people more actively, etc.

Aug 30 2009

Done with WAS DB updates

Everything’s been confirmed, made some adjustments…I’m expecting some erratas though.

Will update with images, if Wizards/Avalon Hill puts up a gallery.

Also, broke 10,000 visits this month, yay!=) Most popular unit, the new Nagato.

Aug 27 2009

Another update

The WAS DB now searches the Name, Notes, and Abilities for keywords and returns those. Had to relearn SQL joins a bit, but wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. Altered the Advance search to do the same as well.

Only ship missing now is the Aquila. If anyone has the ship/card, please contact me.

Aug 12 2009

Updated the War At Sea DB

Updated the WAS DB with Flank Speed, thanks to the spoilers. Still missing the final 6, but will update as I get info on them.

Jul 24 2009

Things in standby…

Things have been in standby as I’ve been working on a friends page and family matters.

Jul 12 2009

Random Stats

Just checked the stats on the DB, looks like June was the most active month, with the number of hits just shy of 7,500.

The most popular (visited) units were:
1) Bolzano at 71
2) Admiral Scheer at 63
3) Zara at 62

For nations, most visited were:
1) United Kingdom at 218
2) Germany at 172
3) Italy at 141